Our "rubber on track" technology allows us to select standard road vehicles to be fitted with out Hy-Railâ„¢ guidance systems, which are deployed once the vehicle is aligned on track.We also fit turntables where necessary if access is restricted. 

Unlike other systems, our technology provides cost-effective solutions as the vehicle can be converted to rail use without having to make any structural or mechanical changes and uses the existing road wheels and running gear to provide traction and braking on rail.

In addition, the Hy-Railâ„¢ system requires less maintenance to the rail gear as opposed to systems with intermediate gear, hydrostatic or chain drives which require constant specialized attention. Our system can largely be serviced by motor dealerships or maintenance workshops country wide.

Our conversions have proven vastly superior to other types of systems, as they keep the vehicle street legal, place less mechanical stress on the vehicle chassis due to our rubber suspension solid axle design which provides better stability, and the additional benefit of still having a nearly standard condition vehicle for resale or disposal.

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